The Temple of Zukulkan is the first temple we find in Zuma Deluxe. It consists in 3 stages, like other temples.

Its 3 stages are kinda like a tutorial / demo, to get used to the game

The balls in this temple have four colors : red, blue, green, and yellow.

The levels it contains are:

1-5 (Spiral of Doom; Osprey Talon; Riverbed Mosaic; Breath of Ehecatl; Dark Vortex)

2-5 (When Spirals Attack; Mud SlideRorschach; Mouth of Centeotl; Snake Pit)

3-5 (Landing Pad; Altar of Tlaloc; Codex of Mixtec; Shrine of Quetzalcoatl; Mirror Serpent)

Temples Temple of ZukulkanQuetzal QuatlPopo PoyolliSecret Shrine of Zuma
First Set Spiral of DoomOsprey TalonRiverbed MosaicBreath of EhecatlDark VortexSwitchbackLong Range
Second Set When Spirals AttackMud SlideRorschachMouth of CenteotlSnake PitSand GardenLair of the Mud Snake
Third Set Landing PadAltar of TlalocCodex of MixtecShrine of QuetzalcoatlMirror SerpentSun StoneZumaic Exodus
Special Space
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